Bodies on the Line in Solidarity with Palestine

Boeing protest

Protesters Block Entrance to Boeing. Photo credit: Alex Garland

Waking up every morning to news that Israel has bombed yet another school, mosque, or hospital in Gaza, has been so infuriating, heart wrenching and demoralizing. It has been hard to feel helpless in the face of such a large scale massacre being carried out in my name as a Jewish person. When I isolate at home watching the horrors unfold, it has been easy to spiral into a vortex of shame and immobilization about Israel’s actions.

Yesterday morning was different: instead of passively watching the news, our group of Jewish, Palestinian and allied activists made some news ourselves. Our Seattle and Tacoma chapters of Jewish Voice for Peace, along with the Seattle chapter of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, participated in an act of civil disobedience at Boeing in Tukwila, Washington in order to stop the business of war as usual. Boeing has been a major supplier of weapons to the Israeli Defense Force, including missile systems, F15 software, and Apache Helicopters. Our aim was to draw attention to how Boeing is profiting from these horrendous attacks on civilians in Gaza.

At our die-in, nine activists, locked to each other, laid down across the crosswalk to block the entrance to Boeing, while fifty others lay down on the sidewalk, held signs, and chanted. As we blocked the entrance for three hours, we recited the names of over one thousand Palestinians who have been killed since the attacks on Gaza began on July 8th. Reading the names through the bullhorn, I looked down at the bodies lying on the ground and felt both the enormity of my grief at how many lives have been lost and the power in this small gesture of commemoration.

Earlier that morning, we met up at a park to practice before the protest, get connected in our commitment to Palestinian liberation as a group, and carpool to the action. As I watched people streaming into the park at the crack of dawn on a weekday, I felt tears well up in my eyes. It was gratifying to see so many folks willing to put their bodies on the line in solidarity with Gaza. It’s one of the few times since the attacks began that I have felt any glimmer of hope. As we took a moment to re-affirm our commitment to the action, I felt connected to the activists surrounding me, across the country, in Palestine, and around the world who are fighting for Palestinian liberation. I also felt deeply connected to my ancestors who survived pogroms and concentration camps, so that I could be here today to work for justice for all people.


4 thoughts on “Bodies on the Line in Solidarity with Palestine

  1. You do realize that the UN found rockets hidden in schooks Using Gazans as human shields is a war crime. Wake up blame the real villains for s change.

    • They are blaming the real villains for a change after a long time of deception? You make it sound like the Palestinians and Hamas are such a huge equipped army in comparison to what Israel has. Its not the case, also the fighters did not come from Mars, they are from Gaza and there aren’t that many of them with Air bases, military bases, drons and F 16 ,F 22 s and a Navy. I doubt if there are a 100 or maybe 200 of those fighters at most, most Gaza are some police force of also not that many to keep order and most of them don’t even have a gun. Yet, in 2008-9 Israel bombed them as its first campagain and killed tens of them in their graduation event as police men, they were not fighters. Yet, you and Israel claim them as the enemy fighters? You know the truth yet you wish to tell it in a twisted and projection way, and that is the worst way of deception! Luckily some good Jewish people are seeing the truth and speaking out, because their name and religion was kidnaped by the Zinoists and Israel to commit crimes. Enough is enough of killing children women and men and destroying their homes and hospitals on their heads while they are asleep. Speak for the truth and be a human.

  2. It is easy to find simple answers to complicate questions.(See above}
    Hams has sent uncounted missiles into israely villages and towns.
    Their tunnel digging does not serves peaceful purposes.
    To regard them as peaceful victims is a delusion.

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