For Elie Wiesel

His breath made night light
He gave sound to silent truths
His fire inspires us.







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About Valerie Elverton-Dixon

Valerie Elverton Dixon, the author of Just Peace Theory Book One: Spiritual Morality, Radical Love, and the Public Conversation?, is an independent scholar studying ethics, peace theory, public discourse, and the civil rights movement. She reads these subjects through the lens of womanist, postmodern, and postcolonial thought. She received her Ph.D. in Religion and Society from Temple University under the direction of womanist scholar Katie Cannon. During her nearly ten years as full-time faculty in theological education, Dr. Dixon taught Christian Ethics at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH and at Andover Newton Theological School in Newton Centre, MA. While teaching at UTS, she served as faculty advisor to the Social Crisis Doctor of Ministry Group and as mentor and faculty advisor of the Church and Society Doctor of Ministry Group. While teaching at Andover Newton, she was a faculty member of the Ph.D. seminar in ethics at Boston College. The classes she has taught include: Womanist/Feminist Ethics, Ethics of Peacemaking, Letter From Birmingham Jail and Deconstruction in Public Discourse: Reading the Iraq War. Also while teaching at Andover Newton, she served on the executive committee of the Interreligious Center for Public Life, an interfaith organization begun by Andover Newton and Hebrew College.